Kiichi Nakamoto Hanshi                                                

He started his Goju Ryu karate training with Chojun Miyagi at the Garden Dojo in 1939, some 80 years ago and is believed to be the only remaining direct student of Chojun Miyagi still actively training and teaching today.

During World War II his family fled Okinawa for refuge in Hong Kong thus missing the devastation of Okinawa.  On his return to Okinawa like many they were primarily focused on trying to survive, but he soon found his way back into karate training with Chojun Miyagi at the Garden Dojo.  He continued to train with Miyagi Sensei until his passing in 1953, at which time he continued to follow Eiichi Miyazato Sensei first at the Garden Dojo and then following him to the Jundokan Dojo.

He was one of the few Jundokan students promoted to 10th Dan directly by Miyazato Sensei and was third in line of seniority at the Jundokan when Eiichi Miyazato died.

Eiichi Miyazato entrusted Kiichi Nakamoto with the responsibility for taking the monthly Masters Class, which produced many notable modern day Goju Ryu Masters such Morio Higoanna, Teruo Chinen, Masaji Taira, Shinzo Chinen, Masanari Kikugawa

Nakamoto Hanshi is a direct blood line descendant of the Ugushuku Samurai Family.  He started his Kobudo training with Shosei Kina Soke in 1958.   Shosei Kina Sensei was the 2nd head master of Ufuchiku Kobujutsu.

He continued his training with Kina Sensei until his passing in 1980, at which time he continued to train with Kina Sensei most senior student Shinyei Kyan until his passing in 1997.  

On 25 October 1995 he was granted his first 10th Dan in Kobudo by Shinyei Kyan.

Nakamoto Hanshi is the 4th Soke, or head master of the Ufuchiku Kobujutsu.

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